COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: One Year Later, Where Are We Now?

Most of us continue to deal with the challenges of the pandemic. Though we are not alone in many ways, we also carry out our responsibilities in ways that are isolating.

Many of you did come together to send over 3,000 emails separately to the governor and legislators on vaccine prioritization. Yesterday, we communicated for the fourth time on this issue and sent out a press release to the media – one station immediately replied, and we are working with other outlets.

And some good news from Washington and The Arc US regarding vaccine availability and financial support. The agreed stimulus package which passed the House yesterday known as the American Rescue Plan will:

  • Increase funding in coronavirus testing, vaccine distribution, and the size of the public health workforce
  • Stabilize our services with a 10% increase in federal funding for home and community-based services (HCBS) for one year; states may not use this increase to reduce their investments

We can take a minute to recognize some progress.

And now, back to our advocacy.

Download (PDF, 630KB)

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