COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: Quarantine And The After Effects

I had two opportunities to be with you this week as I filled in for Maura Sullivan today with guest Jean Phelps, CEO of LifeLinks CLASS. On Wednesday, I had Brittany McDermott of Berkshire County Arc join me to talk about one home’s experience with the quarantine and the after effects.

In the Thursday session with Jean, we had a fuller discussion on safety in the homes and keeping people safe from the virus. Jean shared how her agency evolved in addressing the threat of the COVID virus. This upcoming Monday, we will discuss transitions and visitation. Get a close up view by listening to Jean here on safety and the virus and Brittany here on the quarantine experience in one home.

Hang in there as we start the re-opening process. Please stay safe.

Leo and Brittany McDermott of Berkshire County Arc discuss the quarantine experience in a home:

Leo and Jean Phelps of LifeLinks CLASS discuss safety and COVID-19:


  1. My son lives in a group home He is 23 years old. Pre virus he came home every weekend. Tonight I got my first visit with him in the back yard of his group home for not 30″ He is non verbal and doesn’t grasp the severity of this whole predicament
    There are 11 staff on the 3 shifts that serve the home. They all go home to their people, do their errands etc. Why is it different if we have our kids come home, so long as we keep them in our homes and only house occupants allowed? I don’t see any difference or increase in danger because our kids are allowed home. As a matter of fact, it was the staff that were carriers of the virus that got one of the kids infected .

    • Well said. I follow precautions and am happy to comply with reasonable protocols such as temperature checks, screenings, even frequent testing, etc To deprive my daughter of the only consistent source of love and support is cruel and extreme. Other forms of communication are meaningless to my nonverbal, developmentally disabled child. I recognize there is risk involved but agree I present much less risk than most of caregivers.

  2. Kathy bosworth

    I agree with Linda about home visits for our children and we can’t expect staff to quarantine when they are not working. We can’t even visit our son at his group home. It is really difficult not to hear anything about reopening and was disappointed with the webinar on Thursday.

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