COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: We Must Come Together Now

As of this week, the Coronavirus Delta Variant had caused at least 92% of the new infections in the United States, according to, a research firm in Bern, Switzerland as reported by Kaiser Health News.

Initially, the changes or mutations in the virus were fewer and didn’t appear worrisome. But that assessment was wrong.

We must come together and do whatever is necessary to combat the uptick NOW.

We haven’t returned to “normalcy” – in general or in services delivery. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged strong organizations and imperiled weak ones including the people they serve. It has limited communication, or the open dialogue between individuals/families with agencies.

At times like these, communication and dialogue are our best friends. People’s concerns are real. We all need to listen and accept them.

Let’s do whatever we need to do to make sure this uptick fades away. On Leo Live on Monday, August 2, we will talk about the recent investment from the Commonwealth in MassHealth and DDS services – and what else needs to be done to establish stability in these challenging times.

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  1. I think this is an excellent idea. There seems to be very little talk and information for the agencies to clients and their families on the status of services that are being affective. Even with out the pandemic, it is already very difficult in identifying, resolving, finding service providers, and securing the delivery of the services. A lot of beautiful web pages and other information venues, however the agencies point to each other without providing legitimate resolutions for people who really need assistance and services. I hope to be able to view this” Leo Live on Monday August 2″. Thank you for you efforts and work!

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