COVID-19: New DDS And EOHHS Visitation Guidelines To Be Released On July 1

We expect some news on July 1 on increased visitation flexibilities that address many if not all of the concerns you have raised on visits with family members living in small congregate settings funded by DDS.

Some agencies have already gone beyond the recommended DDS guidance.

Please stay tuned for a release from EOHHS and DDS on July 1.


  1. Kathleen Bosworth

    I would have thought that DDS would have already planned for this day and feel they are not doing their job! Why are they making us wait for 5 days to find out when and if our loved ones can come home for a visit when this should have been planned after the last phase was opened. Does this group even have a phase and will we find out the plan by looking at their Facebook page on July 1?

  2. Dds has changed for the worse my son in a home that does nothing for them it is under CHS the home is in terrible shape the agency CHS says I can see my son 2 hours a month outside they make there own rules so I don’t bother at all and they have turn my son against me

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