COVID-19: Recent Accomplishments: Our Work in Health Care

Over the past several weeks, health care has been one of our focus areas – both through collaborating with partners and taking on a piece of work to advance outcomes for our constituents.

  1. We are a partner in a disability group organized by the Center for Public Representation (CPR) which is focused on the Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) and triage in hospitals during the COVID 19 pandemic.
  2. The Arc team members also partnered with a health equity coalition driven by health care professionals which initially focused on disparities due to racial or economic inequity and later broadened its advocacy.
  3. We provided an action alert that allowed families and individuals to share their concerns about the vagueness in the original Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) for hospitals. Over 1,100 responses were received by the Governor in addition to the formal communication from the groups noted.
  4. On April 20, a revised Crisis Standards of Care guidance to hospitals was posted and it addressed several concerns.
  5. The Arc developed a training and awareness webpage for medical staff especially those in triage roles. Through this 15 minute training, a health care provider could refresh his/her sensitivity to implicit bias in care delivery.
  6. The Arc provided an action alert for further reasonable accommodation guidance (support while in hospital stay).
  7. We partnered with Disability Law Center (DLC) and other groups on a letter regarding this issue, and we are communicating any cases that we hear of persons prevented from having a surrogate accompany them to hospital.
  8. The Arc communicated with 32 hospitals and 75 staff via email, letter, or fax regarding health inequities (still in progress).
  9. We received and shared Partners policy and the Attorney General’s policy which allows for exceptions for adults with disabilities (restricted by PPE availability).

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