COVID-19: Snapshot #2 Of COVID-19 Data For DDS Group Homes

Thank you again to Representative Josh Cutler for the updated data on DDS group homes as of May 7.

Since the previous report on April 28, an additional 280 DDS sites were tested and 4,000 additional tests were conducted (staff and residents). There were 332 new COVID-19 cases reported among residents and 360 additional cases among staff. There were 23 additional deaths reported.

To learn more on DDS resources and supports, please go to this link.


  1. Kathleen Bosworth

    Any idea of when the lockdown at the group homes will be over?

  2. Janice Goodwin

    These statistics are terrible. 1/3 of all handicapped individuals tested positive! Stay at home orders did not help them. Keeping them locked down once they have had the virus and recovered is
    inhumane. They should be regrouped. The entire population of handicapped in Massachusetts should not be
    held back. It seems like discrimination! No they can’t keep masks on or socially distance without help or wash their hands alone or cover their mouth but if they have recovered, they should be able to see their families and go to limited Day programs. They should not be out in the community yet, others will be fearful and it could set back all the work our State has done to include these individuals in our communities. No mention of what phase these people are even allowed visitation is cruel and appears unimportant to our leaders.

    • Thanks for your post. Our son is now in a group home because his senior parents could no longer care for him in his independent apartment where he lived for over 30 years. It was an emergency placement…3 months ago.
      He/others are in lock down. Not allowed to go outside on beautiful sunny days for a brief moment. Staff is constantly changing around, possibly bringing infections with them. His Day program is closed so he sleeps/sits with nothing to do all day except color with little interaction of staff. Down’s and ALZ is difficult enough w/o this virus.
      They need to see/speak with family….so call them every day if you can’t see them.

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