COVID-19: Snapshot Of COVID-19 Data For DDS Group Homes

Thank you to Representative Josh Cutler for sharing publicly on Facebook this past weekend the statistics for the 10,000 plus individuals served through the Department of Development Services (DDS) residential network.

Legislators have asked the Governor’s COVID-19 Command Center to include more data on these group homes in their regular updates. In addition to the chart we re-posted, Rep. Cutler cited the proactive steps DDS has taken.

Keep in mind that the DDS residential stats can’t be easily compared with Massachusetts citizens for three reasons:

  1. major ramp up in constituent testing resulted in 26% of those served tested vs. less than 4% of our general population
  2. the global testing of our constituents began relatively recently, due to lack of testing materials nationally
  3. the data may have inaccuracies despite being collected centrally, since reports arrive from 2,353 group home settings.

Our thoughts are with the families and staff of those who have been lost to the virus.  Please note that these number don’t reflect the status of the tens of thousands living with families or living independently in the Commonwealth.

Some of Rep. Cutler’s FB post follows below:

Currently DDS funds and licenses 189 providers who operate 2,100 group homes which collectively service nearly 8,000 individuals. DDS also oversees 253 state operated group homes that serve 1,066 individuals, Two state facilities that serve 332 individuals, and provides supports to 1,450 individuals living with a provider-sponsored caregiver in a Shared Living environment.  In cooperation with Fallon, DDS began a mobile testing program on April 10. Pop-up testing sites are also being made available to state and provider staff working in DDS residential programs.” You can read more about DDS guidance and other steps (scroll down) on the DDS page here.  The page includes a link to resources.

One Comment:


    The numbers are not good and using the excuse that supplies were not available is a very poor excuse. Changing/rotating staff around and not keeping housing/clients super clean needs to be addressed. We entrust DDS/others to do much more to protect or vulnerable loved ones.

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