COVID-19: Take Advocacy One Step Further on Hazard Pay for DSPs!

The Arc and AFAM ask that you take our advocacy efforts regarding hazard pay equity one step further and contact the Governor directly.

Please take a couple minutes to use our template and your letter will reach Governor Baker, Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Senate President Karen Spilka.

If you prefer to call the Governor’s office, the number is 617 725-4005.

This issue is high priority and we appreciate you making additional efforts to educate and affect change.



  1. Please include this group in the 5.00 an hour raise. This was misleading as I thought they already were included and at risk!

  2. Please release the funds.

    • Buenos días. Merecen un pago justo, digno y con la verdad. Si ha dicho que está incluido ese pago y no es así wow significa que no le dan el valor que merece a este equipo de trabajadores. Yo se y confío que el gobernador una vez más trabajará a favor en una área tan necesaria cómo está. Dignidad a ellos ante todo. Gracias!.

  3. Oh how I wish you were the president. Private organizations that serve people with developmental disabilities do the same challenging work as staff of the state ops. They are chronically underpaid. Please correct this disparity. You are doing an excellent job, Lauren too. Thank you for all you do. Hi in so many others are very grateful.i and so many others are very grateful.

    • The people we care for really need our help! Most of us have family that we would be putting in Jeopardy as well! I am leaving my family behind for two weeks to keep my clients safe!

    • Mary Ann Ruffini

      Thank you for helping people with Development Disabilities and the wonderful people who take care of them. These people can never be paid enough for the work they do. Please correct this disparity in pay.

  4. Darlene L Coughlin

    Thank you for looking into this matter for the wonderful caretakers that take care of our special needs children. They are priceless to our family’s. Please make this right by paying these people who are invaluable to us what they deserve in this time of crisis.

  5. These wonderful people go above and beyond . They are very valued and should be taking care of just as well as they take care of are children and are younger ,older adults . Thank you all for your dedication to my child as well as others .

    • Shelli Brycens mom

      Please help get the hazard pay for the ARC of MA, I’m forever grateful for them helping my family along this special needs journey, to which the road never ends… They are essential in our lives, and are truly amazing people & deserve this little bump in their pay. Thank you & God Bless. Peace Love & Light

  6. Heather Defreitas

    Please allow the residential homes to have an increase of funding and or ppe equipment.

    • We at the arc of cape cod take our job very seriously and are in constant contact with our clients please financially take care of us as we take care of the people who need us the most

  7. The staff at all residential homes should have an increase in funding and PPE equipment. They are essential employees. My sister resides in a group home. I can’t thank the staff enough for taking such great care of our loved ones.

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