#DontCutUsOut: Budget Negotiations Are Ongoing – We Need Your Help For One Final Push

In case you haven’t heard, with the help of your advocacy, negotiations are in process for enhanced billing for day programs. Now is the time for one last push.

The Arc has created a new fact sheet for the #DontCutUsOut campaign, succinctly summarizing the needs of our community. You can download the fact sheet here, and view it in full below.

Please contact your legislators today. Share the fact sheet by email, or on social media. Tag The Arc in your posts, and spread the word about #DontCutUsOut.

Download the PDF file .


  1. Mary Ann Ruffini

    Please don’t forget this vulnerable population. They need these services.

  2. Day Programs are essential for my daughter and her peers. Sadly, without these supports, she has regressed, and has been more aggressive, toward herself and others. Day Programs are essential for quality of life for individuals with Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disabilities.

  3. For those that cannot attend day programs due to an inability to wear a mask or social distance, this funding is so needed.

  4. Help us serve our disabled

  5. Jessica Robillard

    Day programs are so important to those with disabilities as well as parents and caregivers. This time has been extremely difficult, and even more for them. They need the daily routine , socialization , goals and insensitive.. the list goes on. As a mother of a child with a disability… I am mentally and physically burnt out. We need day programs back.

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