#DontCutUsOut: Contact Your State Legislators Now To Continue Advocating For Funding For People With I/DD During Re-Opening

The Arc appreciates your strong and consistent advocacy during this pandemic. We need your help to continue to press forward with our #DontCutUsOut campaign.

25,000 letters have already been sent to the Governor and leadership. Now, please use the template to contact your Representative and Senator. We need as much support as possible.

Write to your legislators so that they understand the imperative and immediate need for funding to save our day programs and services. Add your personal story if you are able via the customizable letter.

Thank you for getting in this fight!





One Comment:

  1. Stacie Selfridge

    I am at a complete loss as how this can happen
    Why is this ok? What is going to happen to this very vulnerable population of citizens

    It is now July 2 and still no clear guidance
    I can’t help but feel once again thousands of citizens that can not speak for themselves are being taken advantage of


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