Family Medicine Residents benefit from Operation House Call

At UMass Medical School on Tuesday, November 27, Operation House Call’s Parent Instructor Kim Walsh provided didactics for a dozen Family Medicine doctors.

OHC’s curriculum focuses on:

  • Person first language, thinking and modeling
  • Communication, responsiveness, compassion
  • Best practices for delivering difficult news
  • How bias can affect treatment and assessment (diagnostic overshadowing)
  • Caregivers, siblings
  • Community systems of support
  • And more!

The doctors were also fortunate to learn directly from a teenager with autism. They had a great time with their co-teacher, Tyler Buckley, and learned the best ways to communicate and support him in regards to his medical care. The residents at UMMS do not do visits to homes in the community, so the co-teaching component with an individual with I/DD is even more important.

OHC is looking forward to beginning our newest program with 45 Graduate level Nursing students at UMass Worcester in the new year. Please be in touch with Kim Walsh at if you would like to provide home visits for the students.

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  1. I think programs like this are so important for family medicine residents. In fact, I wish they were also a bigger part of medical school, too. I have no doubt your residents will be better doctors for it.

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