Governor Baker Signs Fiscal 2020 Budget, No DDS Line Items Vetoed

Today, July 31, 2019, Governor Charlie Baker signed the Fiscal 2020 Budget.  The Governor did not veto any line items for the Department of Developmental Services, giving the DDS budget a monumental boost across multiple line items that will provide needed supports and fill in significant gaps.

The Arc is grateful to the Governor for his investment in individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. We appreciate the Conference Committee for their work on the increases in Community Day and Employment and Autism Omnibus.

Overall, we are pleased to report, that through the work of the legislature and the advocacy of our community, the budget received a $17,850,000 boost for people served by DDS.

Stay tuned for The Arc’s final budget analysis and to help us thank the Governor!

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  1. Anne Ponticelli

    Great Gov, Baker..but.,what abound funding group homes for physically disabled adults??? My Cerebral palsied adult son applied but was denied DDS services because he has an IQ over 70!: so he is being penalized for being too smart! There is no place for him to live when I can no longer take care of him (I will be 75 next month).Please help!

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