Grandparents Day 2019: Luke’s Story

Grandparents can play important roles in the lives of children. Grandparents can teach new skills; play games; and provide wisdom, family history, a sense of humor, an ear to listen, emotional support, and unconditional love! In the next few days, we’ll be sharing stories from grandparents and grandchildren. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

When asked at camp who Luke’s (8 year-old) favorite people to be with are, he immediately answered his grandparents, “Poppy and Cha-Cha!”

Luke adores his grandparents and there is a special twinkle in his eye when he knows he’s going to spend time with them. Since they live in another state (dividing their time between Illinois and Florida), Luke’s visits with them are extra special.

I asked Luke why he loved Cha-Cha and Poppy so much and he said because “we read books together and make cookies.” His grandparents always take the time to make every moment with their 11 grandchildren feel important, and Luke is no exception. They love him unconditionally and often boast of his accomplishments.

In a recent trip to Chicago, my husband and I were thanking our cab driver for the ride from the airport. Luke chimed in and said, “Thank you for taking me to see Cha-Cha and Poppy in Chicago. We had a good time. We’ll see them again soon.”

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