House Ways and Means Budget Aligns with The Arc’s Ask

The Arc celebrates and thanks the Chair of House Ways and Means Aaron Michlewitz for the Ways and Means Budget, which further invests in the Department of Developmental Services.

The budget increases the Family Support and Respite line item on top of the Governor’s proposed budget by $3.5 million.

Photo: Chair of House Ways and Means Aaron Michlewitz, Leo Sarkissian, and Maura Sullivan

It also maintains the Governor’s Turning 22 allocation and the $4 million increase in the DESE line item.

Additional increases include Community Day and Employment ($3.4 million), Transportation ($750,000) and Autism Omnibus, adults with autism ($2.5 million). The Governor’s increase in Community Residential was also maintained.

The Arc is grateful for the work of Vice Chair Denise Garlick, Assistant Vice Chair Liz Malia, and the entire House Ways and Means committee. These significant investments will enhance supports for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, served by DDS.

The Arc’s House Ways and Means FY2020 Budget Analysis and Budget Chart may be found here.


  1. I was looking to get more info on the ways and means budget. Has the analysis be published yet? I might have missed it.

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