House Ways & Means Committee Budget Announced

The Arc of Massachusetts (The Arc) celebrates the release of the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Budget announced by Chair Jeffrey Sánchez. Leo Sarkissian, Executive Director of The Arc, stated, “Chair Sánchez and the House Ways/Means Committee members not only recognized the importance of Turning 22 for graduating students with special needs, but have raised Family Support and Employment funding by a total of 2 Million dollars.”

Chair Sánchez confirmed the new formula for the 1000 plus students in need of adult services that was established for the first time last year. The Arc hopes that the formula will become a permanent fixture in the legislature’s budget, which has Gov. Baker’s support.

House Ways and Means added funds above the Governor’s request for three other key programs:

  • Family support and respite care received $1 Million, which should assist 100-200 additional families
  • Employment/day supports received another $1 Million to address unmet needs and transition to more social inclusive services
  • Autism Children’s Waiver received almost $500,000 to reach more children in need

This budget again acknowledges the rise of the adult I/DD population, including those with autism who do not have an intellectual disability. There is still more work to be done –amendments will be announced for residential services and further increases in other community line items.

To learn more about this budget, find House Ways and Means on this page.

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