Janet Rico Honored

Chair of The Arc of Massachusetts Steering Committee on Disability Policy and Advocacy Janet Rico was presented with the 2018 Allen Crocker M.D. Health Services Award at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) State Wide Advisory Council Celebration.  Janet, the Assistant Dean of Graduate Nursing at Northeastern’s LaBouve School, has had two different tenures on The Arc’s Governing Board.  She serves on the Board of Fallon Health and on the PCA Workforce Council.

The award is named after Dr. Crocker, who directed the Developmental Evaluation Center at Children’s Hospital for many years, and who offered care and hope to generations of children with Down syndrome.  In 2006, Dr. Crocker was quoted in a Children’s Hospital news publication: “Our success is symbolized by the way both pediatrics and the public feel about children with special needs.’’

The award for Janet recognized her work as a health professional with energy, exuberance, and passion through her advocacy for and tenacity in developing a partnership with Northeastern University and the DDS/IS community.  A nurse practitioner with a doctorate in law and policy, Janet’s work is a concrete example of Dr. Crocker’s legacy.  A number of others received awards at the celebration, including Maureen Gallagher of the MDSC, who received the Gunnar Dybwad Leadership Award.

Written by Charlie Fiske, Director of Public Policy

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