Legislative Update: Senate Budget Amendments and Workforce Cosponsors

It’s been a busy couple weeks with amendments filed and the Senate budget deliberations beginning.

The Arc’s Workforce Initiative Legislation, HD 1130, filed by Representative Denise Garlick, was also released from House Council with final language. Representatives and Senators had an opportunity to sign on as cosponors. With the help of our community advocates, we increased cosponsorship by another 21 legislators, totaling 81 cosponsors for this priority legislation.

Thank you to all the advocates in our community for the nearly 450 letters generated related to the Workforce bill and the Senate Budget Amendments.

At this time, we can report that the Senate accepted our Transportation amendment filed by Senator Welch for $750,000. These additional funds will serve 125 more individuals with transportation needs.

Unfortunately, the Community Day and Employment and Adult Autism amendment were rejected, along with Adult Foster Care (AFC). Stay tuned to The Arc for a full Senate budget analysis and our specific advocacy requests as we move into Conference Committee.

We will be requesting three Conference Committee Amendments including Family Support, Community Day and Employment and Adult Autism.

If you have any questions, please contact Maura at Sullivan@arcmass.org.

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