Leo’s Letter: A New Year, A Renewed Commitment

It’s the first week of 2019, and finally a dusting of snow. Winter is here, bringing with it harsher elements that make it more difficult to get through the week.

And as in winter, the circumstances which we and our constituents face today may feel harsher than necessary, due to:

  • Intended and unintended bias
  • Limited access to quality health care
  • Lack of educational and clinical expertise for youth so they are forced to leave their neighborhood schools and sometimes their families
  • Continued unemployment
  • Lack of assistance for some of life’s essential activities

We don’t have to accept winter as a season that never ends. Let’s forge ahead with a renewed commitment. Let us support your individual journey through our webinars, referrals to local affiliates and agencies, and website resources.

And as a community, join with us to end discrimination and expand access for all our constituents.





Leo V. Sarkissian
Executive Director

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