Leo’s Letter: Amy’s Got It! Learning From Amazing Amy’s Example

According to CBS News, Amy Bockerstette is known as “Amazing Amy.” What makes her amazing or special?

She’s been playing golf since middle school, and two years ago she received an athletic scholarship. Pretty good.

This week she teed off in the national junior college championships in Florida. Even better.

And according to GolfWeek, she is the first person with Down syndrome to play for an NCAA title. Her achievements are a message to all of us about setting high expectations for ourselves.

Amy’s journey reflects other themes too. By being out there, Amy is forging new relationships and the family joke is that “Amy plays golf in order to meet new friends.” By being included in work, sports, or social activities, we connect with others. Inclusion offers “pathways to friendship,” as we like to say.

The other theme is reflected in our perceptions about disability – rather, the myths or biased perceptions that we project upon persons with disabilities. As her father, Joe, says: “You know, you go through early grieving about what you’ve given up with your child with a disability. What I’ve subsequently learned is, that was pretty silly. The lesson there is you just can’t put limits on people there. It was ridiculous for me to think that Amy couldn’t achieve what she’s achieved.”

Thank you, Joe for educating us through your journey. And thank you, Amy for being amazing

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