Leo’s Letter: Hurried Days

You may find our experience typical given the world today, but I am astounded by the fast pace which we must maintain to keep our advocacy effective! This fast pace cannot be successfully maintained without a strong professional team, for which I’m extremely grateful.

We work collaboratively with chapters, partner agencies and many families and volunteers – but staff are needed for consistent coordination, support, and communication.

The past two weeks alone are testament to the fast pace we maintain.

Beginning with April 7, we focused on:

  • a trip to the nation’s capital for Medicaid and Social Security and other much needed federal policies
  • stage 2 of our state budget advocacy
  • our last regional state of the state presentation
  • preparations for the April 30 hearing on Nicky’s/Dana’s Law (Registry)
  • a stakeholders’ meeting on the workforce
  • MassHealth’s newest managed care program
  • and a new legislative committee on employment

Those pictured above comprise most of the education or policy related team: Maura Sullivan, Charlie Fiske, Robbie Rubet (graduate Social Work intern), Katerina Daley, Ellen Taverna, Kerry Mahoney, and Herb Cabral – with me holding the selfie frame. Most who are pictured are part-time! They, along with four others, help to keep the crossfire at a minimum and collaboration/communication at a maximum.

All for the outcomes that move our mission forward!





Leo V. Sarkissian
Executive Director

PS. You can find three sets of our outcomes here:

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