Leo’s Letter: Social Security: A Step Backwards

What a year it’s going to be – not only in terms of what we can accomplish united, but what reversals we can prevent by sticking together.

Peter is 32 years old. He has autism and an intellectual disability. Last week, his mother spent hours on the 15 page “continuing disability review” (CDR) form. But the nature of Peter’s disability isn’t going to change this year, nor 10 years from now.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) wants to schedule 2.6 million additional CDR disability reviews.

Individuals such as Peter and others who have life-long disabilities will have to complete these to confirm that they should be on Social Security. The forms and additional information required will cost Peter’s family time and money (medical reports, etc.).

And who will fill out these forms, if Peter’s family is unable to complete them? The time to review the additional CDR forms also will cost the federal government, SSA, time and money – for unnecessary reviews!

Social Security is embedded in this nation’s economy – for retirees and persons with disabilities. Families and individuals share their headaches dealing with our necessary bureaucracies. But they do it because Social Security is part of their family’s or child’s safety net. The additional responsibilities and paperwork will cost them more time and negotiation with an overburdened system.

Social security is vital for many of our constituents’ well-being. This action as planned won’t rid the system of “undeserving beneficiaries,” but it will cause havoc in people’s lives. You can read more about the issue here. 


  1. From what I read in the news, the reviews will cost the Social Security department $2.7 billion with a potential savings to the social security department of $3 billion. That means that for a savings of $300 million, they are going to cause a great deal of trauma. It’ll probably be the politicians children and friends who get the jobs doing the reviews. It’s going to reek havoc on the poor families and medical professionals.

  2. What can The ARC do? Do we have representative to send to DC? How many people

  3. My daughter’s Cerebral Palsy, total care, Disability is life long. We wish it would improve, but that doesn’t happen no matter!!!!!?

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