COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: We All Must Take On Responsibility

In June 2018, we shared comments on the importance of voting from several people, including two leaders Henry Milorin, parent and former board member, and John Anton, an adult with a disability.

Henry noted: “No right is more precious than the constitutional right to select our leaders. Yet thousands of eligible disabled American citizens are not even registered to vote.” John shared, “I want my voice to be heard.” Yes, voting is a right and a responsibility.

This coming week (July 13-17) is “National Disability Voter Registration Week.” We have updated our official voting resource center (#TheArcVotes) so that you will have the current information on registration and on mailing in your vote as well. The Arc of the US also has launched a new voting resource center, which includes materials in plain language as well as in Spanish.

The key point here is taking responsibility. And “responsibility” extends to other areas, which is why we’ve worked on an infection prevention page (Protect Yourself: Keeping Yourself Safe When Going Out) for persons with disabilities. The page is written in plain language and includes pictures and videos about how to stay safe as our society re-opens.

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