Leo’s Letter: Welcoming New Legislators

Earlier this morning, Vice-Chair of House Ways and Means Denise Garlick helped The Arc welcome new State Senators and Representatives to the State House. At the end of this post, we list all the new legislators, Senators followed by Representatives.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our policy team has been working full steam ahead.

In addition to today, please stay tuned and join our March 3 legislative reception with the MDDC, where we will publicly (and virtually) share our legislative platform with the General Court.

A few weeks earlier, our Supporting Families collaboration will hold its virtual session on February 17. Stay tuned for more information on both of these events.

Yes, despite COVID-19, it’s the season for public policy. And now, we’d like to welcome our new Senators and Representatives! To contact them, you can find them at this site and choose the right branch under Legislators’ tab.

Adam Gomez
John Velis
Susan Lynn Moran
John J. Cronin
Kip A. Diggs
Steven George Xiarhos
Carol A. Doherty
Adam J. Scanlon
Sally P. Kerans
Kelly W. Pease
Patricia Duffy
Jacob B. Oliveira
Orlando Ramos
Vanna Howard
Erika Uyterhoeven
Steven Owens
Kate Lipper-Garabedian
Danillo A. Sena
Ted Philips
Kathleen R. LaNatra
Brandy Fluker Oakley
Rob Consalvo
Jessica Ann Giannino
Michael Kushmerek
Meghan Kilcoyne

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