Meet The Brokers: Ellen Heald

Ellen Heald is currently a principal at the Northshore Education Consortium Transitions Programs of SOAR and Embark which are located on the campus of Salem State University. The SOAR and Embark programs assist to implement transition services to special education students ages 18-22 with transition services.

Ellen oversees all of the programmatic operations. She facilitates employment opportunities, access to college classes, social skill development, academic skills, independent living skills and collaboration with adult service agencies to facilitate ongoing supports for individuals with a wide range of needs.

Ellen is a school administrator and has her Masters Degree in special education. She has been employed by the Northshore Education Consortium for the past 25 years in a variety of roles. Ellen has experience with individuals from pre-school through 22 years of age.

In addition to her role at the Northshore Education Consortium, Ellen has been a respite provider and a foster parent for over 30 children and teens with various needs. She has knowledge of supports needed and resources to obtain such supports both through the eyes of a professional and a parent. Ellen is looking forward to working with families to facilitate services available in and around their community to promote independence across settings.

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