Nicky’s Law: Act Now To Ensure The Registry Bill Is Implemented On Schedule

The Arc and the Disability Law Center are working together to object to the proposed delay in the implementation of the abuse registry.

Meetings are currently happening but we ask that you reach out directly to Governor Baker using this template. Ask him not to delay implementation of this law.

Please stay tuned to The Arc for more information, as we advocate to ensure these protections are not deprioritized. Maura will have an update during the Thursday webinar.


  1. Please do not delay 🙏

  2. Governor Baker,
    Please do not delay the implementation of Nicky’s Law. Those of us who are parents of children with disabilities near in a near constant state of fear that our loved ones will be hurt simply because the registry isn’t employed.
    I implore you to act quickly. By doing so, you will give us some much needed restful sleep without the nightmare of what can (& do) happen to our most vulnerable citizens.
    Thank you, I look forward to seeing Nicky’s Law put into use soon.

  3. Kathleen Kane-Leach

    This will save lives so very important to all.

    • Shannon Olsen Miranda

      As a mom of a son with Down syndrome I implore you to pass this bill on time to protect those individuals with disabilities.

  4. I have sent my request for our legislators to implement this law.

  5. Dear governor baker plz implement this bil on time to assure the disabled are protected . Thank you

  6. Mary Ann McDonough

    Please implement this very important law ASAP!
    My son’s safety and well being are at risk until this is in place. Abuse does not take a holiday.

  7. My non verbal grandson was physically abused while attending a private school for children with Autism. His teacher is no longer at that school but is working with children again. There is something terrible wrong with a system that allows that. Please sign this bill and help us curb the abuse of our loved ones.

  8. As the mother of a disabled young man, I am his protector his advocate and his voice, so on his behalf and every other disabled person who can’t speak up for themselves I am asking that Nicky’s Law not be delayed and that it be implemented as soon as possible, thank you

  9. Delay is not what was expected by parents, guardians, families and advocates for the vulnerable individuals to finally be protected! Please act to implement Nicky’s Law.

  10. Please pass this law immediately
    Disabled people need you to have their backs. Some cannot speak for themselves like my son. Disabled people matter
    Please do this now !!!!

  11. Kids lives are at stake. I don’t like to sell fear but God forbid something happens to a special needs child or adult while you’re delaying implementing this law,will be a really bad look for you. My child is severely challenged and not verbal. He comes home all black and blue sometimes and no one can ever tell us how this happened. Please act now!

  12. Please do not delay!

  13. Concerned parent and guardian

    I am having trouble understanding this Law? Is it just for those who have just been accused or actually convicted? If its accused am sorry I disagree convicted most definitely.

  14. Dear Gov Baker
    Please tend to this matter ASAP as there are many of our disabled loved ones who are suffering at the hands of abusers.
    Please make DDS more accountable for their care.

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