Nicky’s Law Passes Unanimously Through The Senate

Breaking news from The Arc of Massachusetts: the Senate has just passed Nicky’s Law unanimously with a vote of 40-0.

We’ll be sharing more information soon about what comes next, but in the mean time, thanks to our amazing leaders Senator Michael Moore and Senator Patrick O’Connor, Chair Sonia Chang-Diaz, the Chan family, the Joyce family, the Disability Law Center of Massachusetts, and our amazing network of advocates who have worked so passionately in support of this bill.

In the meantime, check out this message from Maura Sullivan, Director of Government Affairs, and Cheryl Ryan Chan, Nicky’s mom, as they broke the news from the Massachusetts State House.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you all on your hard work and dedication!!!! Thanks for doing what you did!

  2. God bless u both for strength n perseverance.
    Mom of a 33yr son whom servied ruptured appendix correlated w viral menegitis.
    Moms Rock
    Heartfelt thanks

  3. Congratulations – a gigantic effort and an important first step.
    G Gipson, National Network of Career Nursing Assistants

  4. Congratulations on making progress on solving this serious problem regarding protection for our most vulnerable The growing shortage of people applying for these jobs makes the temptation to keep those we have more tempting, but the dmage that can be done by abuse is heartbreaking. I can’t wait to hear that this becomes law.

  5. That is wonderful news to hear it’s about time Yay!!

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