Nicky’s Law Vigil at the State House Continues

The Arc is grateful to all who have helped us continue our advocacy through daily visits to legislators at the State House. Our presence drives home our collective determination to pass Nicky’s Law before the end of the informal session.

The bill is still in conference in House Ways and Means. Representatives have been stepping up to write personal notes to Ways and Means or the Speaker of the House, throwing their support behind the bill. The Arc helped Chair Khan, Representative Campbell, and others to work through some of the House concerns around due process and appeals. In the last week since the Vigil, the bill is growing even more support.

Attached find the visual for Representatives who may want the detail on the appeals process for the caretaker. Stay tuned as we head into the final weeks of the informal session. Please contact Maura at if you would like to meet at the State House or if you have any questions

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