Operation House Call Continues To Expand At Simmons University

On January 22, our third year of Operation House Call at Simmons University kicked off with over 130 students from Simmons Graduate Nursing Program, Physical Therapy Program, and Nutrition Program.

Students gathered in a lecture hall to learn about best practices in healthcare for people with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Maura Sullivan, Director of Operation House Call, led the class as the parent instructor. Students were lucky to have two panels of individuals with autism and Down syndrome, as well as their family members. This year, the panel was filled with teens, young adults, siblings and parents.

These Simmons students will now go out into the community and visit the homes of OHC host families, where they will dig even further into what life is like for these individuals and family members outside of a clinical setting.

Some students from Simmons will be matched with medical students from our OHC program at Tufts University School of Medicine. The students spend 2 hours learning directly from families, and then write personal reflections about their experiences which are processed with an OHC parent instructor.

Thanks to all our co-teachers and our dedicated host families!

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