Operation House Call Holds First Dental School Training At Tufts University School Of Dental Medicine

On Friday, March 6, over 40 dental medicine students participated in an Operation House Call lecture with a co-teaching panel.

The curriculum included an overview of the oral health disparities for people with autism and I/DD and the problems with access to care.  Students heard personal stories from self-advocates and families, learned about sensory and other challenges through these discussions and instructional videos, and received critically important tips on making office visits more successful.

Many students remarked in their responses that this training was one of the best and most truly meaningful classes they’d had not only in the dental program, but in all their years of studying medicine. They also praised the importance of hearing directly from a self-advocate, as it allowed them to understand in greater detail the challenges that their future patients may face.

OHC will teach one more class this year at Tufts Dental and begin on a regular schedule in September. We are grateful to be welcomed into the area of oral health and know that our teachers, co-teachers, and host families will make a big impact on these students and residents.

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