Operation House Call: Meeting Harry Changed Jane’s Life

Did you know? 95% of Operation House Call alumni say that the program played an invaluable role in shaping their understanding of people with disabilities.

As a medical student in The Arc’s Operation House Call (OHC) program, Jane didn’t know what to expect when she was assigned to take part in a home visit.

What she couldn’t have expected was that this visit would totally change her future.

Jane spent an afternoon with the Michaels family, including their young son, Harry. Harry is profoundly medically complex and nonverbal, suffers from seizures, and requires around the clock care from his mother, Sarah.

But Harry also loves to work on arts and crafts projects, watch shows and movies starring the Muppets, and sway along to his favorite music.

It was through this one-of-a-kind experience, getting to know Harry and his family outside of the doctor’s office and on their own time and terms, that Jane realized something.

Working with children with disabilities was her calling. And she never would have known it without taking part in Operation House Call.

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