Operation House Call: New Course Launched At Tufts University School Of Medicine

The Arc and Operation House Call have begun a new course for 200 medical students at Tufts University School of Medicine.

On Monday, August 10, five families came together to educate 200 Tufts University School of Medicine second year students about the impact of health on people with disabilities and their family.

The thread for this new course focused on the impact of COVID-19, community systems of support, implicit bias, presuming competence, and transition to adult healthcare. The two hours of teaching involved all young adults with autism or intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Students were given pre-work and post-lecture assignments, and will continue on to take part in Operation House Call in their third year.

The Arc is grateful for the teachings of our talented co-teachers: Evan Messina, Isaiah Lombardo, Conor Farrell, and Nat Batchelder.

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