Operation House Call passes favorably through Health Care Finance Committee

On Wednesday, May 16, the Health Care Finance Committee passed Operation House Call. Now on to hopefully its final stop at Ways and Means before becoming law! Thank you to everyone who advocates for this program, the emails and phone calls are so important to moving legislation. Stay tuned as we get closer to the finish line.

Here are some quotes from students who benefit from the program.

From Sondra Davis (Masters in Nursing)

Everyone who will one day work in the field should be so lucky to sit with those we seek to impact and by doing so, be affected ourselves. Operation House Call is the most meaningful experience I have had since beginning this journey at Simmons. OHC presents an unparalleled opportunity to glean perspective about the healthcare system’s strengths and weaknesses, essentially teaching us what we should and should not do when providing care in the future. I am so thankful to Carrie and the other families who participate in delivering this experiential learning outside the classroom and hope that the program continues to expand.

From Katherine Cella (Masters in Nursing)

The opportunity to be involved with an experience like Operation House Call is absolutely one of the best things I have done since beginning my career as a nurse. Not only did it provide the opportunity to have direct patient contact in a setting outside of the traditional clinical experiences, but it allowed a family to help give us an experience that will shape the way we interact with future patients for the rest of our careers. Overall, I hope the project continues and expands. It was such a fabulous experience and I think can provide not only a learning opportunity but the families have a place to have their voices heard so care can be improved moving forward.

To learn more about Operation House Call, visit arcmass.org/ohc, or contact Maura Sullivan at sullivan@arcmass.org.

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