Operation House Call: Pilot Program Launched At Harvard Medical School

Operation House Call (OHC) is pleased to announce a pilot program with Harvard Medical School (HMS). Our course began on October 28 with a small group of HMS students participating in a virtual lecture.

Parent instructors Maura Sullivan and Una Basak shared the learning objectives of OHC by highlighting them with personal family stories. They were joined by a panel which included Isaiah Lombardo, a young adult with Down syndrome who also has a complex medical history, and his mother Angela. Students also learned from young Braeden Yee, who has autism, and his mother Kim.

All our families share their experiences, tips, and challenges. The session was filled with time for engagement between students and individuals and families.

Students from HMS were then paired up and “visited” families for more experimental learning through a 1 hour virtual home visit. To wrap up the pilot, students wrote self reflection essays and shared them on the OHC privacy protected forum, where they receive valuable feedback from our instructors and access to rich resources from both clinical and family perspective.

We look forward to expanding the pilot in the Spring of 2021.

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