Operation House Call Shares Findings Of Broad Alumni Survey

The Arc of Massachusetts recently conducted a statistical survey of over 700 Operation House Call medical student alumni.

After completing a review of our survey, the following statistically significant findings were made, which further reinforce the essential necessity of this program and its work educating future generations of medical professionals about the needs of individuals with I/DD and autism.

  • Did you learn about what barriers prevent people with autism and I/DD from attaining better outcomes?
    • 99% answered YES.
  • Did evaluating your unintentional bias and hearing examples help you become more aware of how it can affect treatment and assessment?
    • 89% answered YES.
  • Do you believe understanding and learning directly from families and individuals with autism and I/DD regarding their needs will allow you to provide better care in your future practice?
    • 86% answered YES.
  • 73% of students felt prepared regarding community systems of support for families and individuals with I/DD and autism
  • 72% of students felt the reflection writing component was useful in their learning

One alumnus remarked, “This is an incredible opportunity to learn about a population that I had not otherwise been exposed to directly. I am deeply grateful to the families who extend themselves so openly so that future medical providers will better be able to help all patients with I/DD.”

The Arc thanks our OHC families and supporters for your commitment to this program which aims to continue to make an impact on health care for persons with autism and I/DD.

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