Pathways Guides: How To Build Bridges To Faith

By Trina Bigham.

  • A person with a developmental disability wants to be involved in a faith community of their choosing
  • The person or someone in their lives contacts Bridges to Faith to make a referral
  • Bridges to Faith staff reaches out to the faith community to which the person has chosen to find a faith companion
  • Bridges to Faith staff introduces the faith companion and the person seeking a faith companion
  • A CORI check is performed on the faith companion
  • Bridges to Faith staff is available to both the faith companion and the individual if any issues should arise

Bridges to Faith focuses on identifying persons with developmental disabilities who wish to participate in local faith communities; as well as to identify members of congregations who wish to offer support by serving as Faith Companions. The goal is to insure that individuals are offered opportunities to explore their spirituality and to enrich the lives of the congregations who welcome them. Since its inception the faith companionships which have been formed have blessed profoundly the lives of all concerned.

Faith COMPANIONS are central to the success of this ministry. A Faith Companion is someone from the faith community who agrees to befriend the individual referred by Bridges to Faith and who would arrange for the individual to participate in the life of the congregation. For the individual, we refer this offers an opportunity not only to have spiritual needs met, but also provides a sense of belonging, friendship and value not easily obtained. For congregations this becomes an opportunity to participate in a genuine ministry of love which enhances their whole life and spirit.

For more information contact:
Trina Bigham
phone: 1-508-542-5589
Bridges to Faith
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