Share Your Stories: Complete The Arc’s COVID-19 Community Outreach Survey

The Arc of Massachusetts is currently conducting a community outreach survey to better gauge the needs of our community and inform our advocacy during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis in the Commonwealth.

Does your family have their basic needs met? What are the main concerns your family is facing during this time? Let us know these answers and more by completing our survey.

Click here to be taken to the survey.

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  1. We are very lucky that we have our basic needs met (shelter, food, family). My 5 year old son has cerebral palsy from a stroke. Therapists that usually see him (in public school or clinic) would be most helpful if they could offer video conferencing consulting capabilities. For instance, we could take the camera around our home and the OT, PT, Speech, Behavior Therapists, etc. could offer suggestions of best practices utilizing what we have and our routines. It does not have to be often (1x/week or every 2 weeks) since if their recommendations are good, we would be busy executing on them… that would enable their therapeutic expertise to be coupled w/their knowledge of our individual circumstances and my son’s specific needs. So far, we have not had anyone offer to do this.

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