Spotlight on Tyler and Gillian Buckley, Co-teachers for Operation House Call

tyler and gillian buckley ohc storyTyler Buckley is 12 years old and has autism. He is one of OHC’s younger co-teachers. Tyler co-teaches for Tufts Medical School with the help of his big sister Gillian, who is 17. Together they spend a half hour of class time helping the medical students learn strategies to communicate better as well as build sensitivity.
Tyler didn’t begin to speak until he was 5 ½ years old. He still struggles to express himself but does a great job allowing the students to ask him questions. Gillian typically fills in some of Tyler’s history and shares what it was like to grow up with siblings with autism. The students are able to see the bond that exists between these siblings. Sharing their life experiences in this non acute care setting provides students insights and helps them develop better practices for treating people with autism.

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