Support for Families (and Smiles) Can Make All the Difference

106569488“I am financially strapped right now and looking for another part-time job. I am my child’s transportation to and from work, activities, vocational program, doctors, EVERYTHING. I make numerous trips during the day to accommodate the schedule. It can take an emotional toll when you have a child unwilling to cooperate in any part of the daily routine. I love my family, but wonder how I am able to function. But then they smile and tell you what a good day they had! So you smile back and live to hear those words again tomorrow.” – Cindy, mother of a daughter with disabilities

The challenges facing Cindy and the more than 200,000 families in the Commonwealth impacted by intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) are plentiful. But each and every day, The Arc of Massachusetts works to enhance the lives of people with I/DD and assist their families.

Through advocacy, education, and outreach, The Arc of Massachusetts is giving individuals with disabilities and their families a powerful voice. We bring stories like Cindy’s and the personal struggles of the people behind them to light – in the State House, in the Capitol, in the community, in the court room, and in the classroom – so that elected leaders and public officials will understand their needs.

You can help us remain at the forefront of the struggle to build better lives for all members of the community. Can we count on you to make our work possible with a donation before the end of our fiscal year on June 30th? Please visit to learn more and to make a gift.

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