Supporting The Direct Support Workforce: The Bostic Family

Families like the Bostics in Methuen, Massachusetts are struggling to find qualified and reliable direct support workers. James Bostic is 19 years old and lives with his mother, Beth, a single parent. James has a main diagnosis of Kernicterus, which is a brain injury caused by severe jaundice. He struggles with motor control and is not able to walk or talk.

Beth describes her experience supporting her son at home: “Caring for a 120-pound, non-ambulatory adult is exhausting. James needs physical assistance for literally EVERYTHING – feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, administering medication. It is a full time and often strenuous job.”

Finding and trusting direct support staff is critically important for Beth: “Finding and keeping qualified PCAs to provide safe, competent care for James is a significant ongoing challenge. Those who have the skills and compassion to provide the care he needs are not given competitive wages that enable them to take care of themselves/their families. We’ve gone close to a year without a full team, as many have left to take better paying and less demanding jobs.”

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