Supporting The Direct Support Workforce: The Garcia Family

Brayden Garcia is five years old and lives in Dartmouth with his mom and dad, Navisha and Benjamin, as well as his two siblings. Born with Down syndrome, Pulmonary Hypertension, and chronic lung and heart disease, Brayden relies on a trach, g-tube and is vent dependent.

His dad, Benjamin, describes their family’s struggles with finding Brayden’s supports: “It has been a constant battle and exhausting challenge to find consistent skilled and dedicated nursing care to meet his medical, emotional, and developmental needs.”

Grateful for the nurses and Personal Care Attendants (PCA) that Brayden has, Benjamin continues, “Brayden’s care team consists of a small core group of dedicated nurses and PCAs that cannot possibly cover the hours of care that he requires. Often shifts can’t be filled when nurses get sick or need time off with their family.”

Ultimately, when shifts remain unfilled, Brayden’s mom and dad fill in, which includes staying awake to monitor him throughout the night.

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