The Arc of Massachusetts Spring Forum: What Are the Services and Options for Seniors with Disabilities Living in Lexington?

On Friday, March 22, nearly 40 individuals attended The Arc/Dana Home Foundation Spring Forum, What Are the Services and Options for Seniors with Disabilities Living in Lexington? The forum panel featured four speakers.

Leslie May-Chibani, Assistant Director of Minuteman Senior Services, spoke about the 20+ programs and services Minuteman offers (including home care, healthy living workshops, money management workshops, and caregiver support) that enable older and disabled adults to age with independence and dignity in the setting of their choice.

She was followed by Susan Barrett, Transportation Manager for the Town of Lexington, who talked about accessibility and reduced fares for seniors and people with disabilities, fixed route services, curb-to-curb services, TNC (Transportation Network Company) options such as Uber and Lyft (also know as “ride apps”), travel training for seniors and people with disabilities (small group or individual), and Lexington’s local bus service (Lexpress), taxi voucher program (LexConnect), and volunteer ride program (FISH).

Gail Bartlett, DDS Central Middlesex Area Service Coordinator Supervisor, then spoke about self-direction, a way of using DDS funding to provide supports to individuals that promotes personal choice and control by allowing them to decide who provides the supports they need and how they will be delivered.

Finally, Melissa Interess, Director of Human Services for the Town of Lexington, concluded the forum by talking about the available town resources, programs, and services that promote health and well-being, including enrichment and lifelong learning programs.

Special thanks to the Dana Home Foundation for funding this forum! Please note that the Spring Forum was taped by LexMedia, Lexington’s cable TV station, and will be aired beginning this week. Also, note the following two upcoming transportation events:

  • Saturday, April 6, from 11:30-12:30, Lexington Community Center, Room 242 – a LexPress information session. To register, call 781-861-1210 or email
  • Monday, May 13, from 9:30-12, Lexington Community Center, Room 237 – a free MBTA travel training workshop. To register, call Lexington Human Services at 781-698-4840

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