The Boston Globe Editorial Board Continues Its Support of Nicky’s Law

On Monday, December 10, The Boston Globe’s Editorial Board once again affirmed its support of our priority legislation, Nicky’s Law, also known as the Abuse Registry Bill. We’re grateful for their continued support of this vital piece of legislation.

’Tis the season for a dose of optimism on Beacon Hill. Because as the days grow short and the list of unfinished business grows more obvious, at least a few items are back on the legislative radar screen.


But there are a handful of bills that almost made it as the clock ran out on formal sessions — they shouldn’t have to wait for the typically excruciating slow start in the new January session. The following bills deserve attention in these last few days of activity.


Nicky’s Law: A bill to protect the state’s most vulnerable citizens — those with intellectual and developmental disabilities — would establish a registry of caregivers against whom there have been substantiated claims of abuse or neglect. The registry would help prevent such abusers from drifting from one group home or facility to another. The proposal is so noncontroversial that it passed the Senate 36-0. And yet it remains in House Ways and Means. That’s a disgrace.

“A to-do list for Legislature’s short session,” The Boston Globe, December 10, 2018.

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