#TheArcVotes: Accessible Electronic Vote By Mail Ballots Available From The Commonwealth

Attention registered voters who cannot effectively, privately, and independently complete a paper vote by mail ballot as a result of a vision disability, dexterity disability, or other disability that prevents you from effectively reading or writing print. You are entitled to receive access to an accessible electronic vote by mail ballot as an accommodation from the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

This electronic ballot can be completed using a computer, phone, or tablet prior to being printed and submitted by mail. If you can benefit from an accessible electronic vote by mail ballot, you should immediately contact this person by phone or email to request this accommodation:

Accessibility Coordinator Kelly Emmons:

Your request for an accessible electronic vote by mail accommodation to Ms. Emmons must include all of the following information: (1) full name, (2) date of birth, (3) voter registration address, and (4) mailing address, if different than their registration address.

Once you have been approved, you should receive receive a PIN that will allow you to log into your electronic ballot for the primary.

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