Update for Conference Committee budget release

Disappointing news today, July 7, 2017, as the Conference Committee released a 40.2 billion dollar budget for fiscal year 2018.  The bill reflects 600 million in adjustments to the FY 2018 budget made due to the tax revenue falling below projections as well the uncertainty of forecasted revenue. 

The Arc appreciates the minimal trimming of the line items that we have strongly advocated for, such as Turning 22 and Family Support.  However, the overall Department of Developmental Disabilities budget has significant cuts.  These include a large reduction to Community Residential and Community Day and Work line items (both affecting Turning 22 annualization).  We are concerned about those who turned 22 this year and unmet needs of those in the existing services system.  State Operated Homes sustained a deep cut as well.

On the MassHealth side, the budget does not adhere to the House provision to protect the Adult Foster Care (AFC) program.  The slash will significantly affect services for this cost effective LTSS (long term supports and services) program. The cuts of 6% and 3.7% must be absorbed in the provider’s delivery of services, not impact the caregiver stipend. This effectively increases the reduction doubling it in many cases.  This compromised budget does not include the specific Mass Health reforms that were presented by the Governor last month.

To see the detailed dollar amounts per line item, click here.  Stay tuned for more updates and for our strategy ahead.

Download (PDF, 176KB)

For questions please contact Maura Sullivan, Director of Government Affairs at sullivan@arcmass.org

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