#WeActWednesday: Support Autism Police Training Today

The Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security needs to hear from you this week regarding the passage of Autism Police Training, or officially, “An act relative to criminal justice training regarding autistic persons” (H 2139/S 1443).

As you know, The Arc took part in a very powerful hearing on July 11 and the committee is now deliberating on this bill. We are hopeful that the bill will move out of committee in August. We will need further advocacy to ensure the bill moves out of Ways and Means and to the Governor.

Please take a minute to call:

  • (617) 722-2230 (House)
  • (617) 722-1485 (Senate)

A committee analyst or reviewer will answer, or you may get a voice mail. Let them know you support this bill (H 2139/S 1443) and would like to see it pass as soon as possible.

Contact Maura at The Arc for more information.


  1. Please support the vote for this training. It is so scary when a teen or adult has an Autistic meltdown in public but look so normal that everyone is afraid of them.

    • Please pass the H2139 and S1443 Bill. Police training is essential to the safety of people with Autism. We need to make sure our officers can protect and serve this growing population of people with such unique needs. Please protect the innocent. Train officers to be their guardians in a moment of crisis.
      Thank you,

    • JeanClaude Pierre ( Alex's dad)

      I will support this bill 100%. I have been talking about this issue for awhile…
      Almost every time a case involved police brutality on minorities or unjustified police shooting: 99.9% 0f the times it involved someone with autism.
      Police officer’s need training on how to confront someone with autism.
      The police cruiser lights irritates them…
      The sirens upset them…
      The yelling: “put your hands up .. stop where you are. .. keep your hands where I can see them … Look me in the eyes when i am taking to you. .. I m going to ask you one last time ”
      Most Police officers may not aware: people with autism may find these commands irritating… and the officer lack of knowledge about autism may used unjustified lethal force.
      So yes: this bill is important. .. It will protect our autism loved ones.

  2. The Autism police Training Bills NEED’s to be passed. Many States across the Country have enacted bills similar to H2139 & S1443, mandating training in response to tragic encounters between Law Enforcement and Autistic Adults. In these tragic outcomes the responding Police Officers simply had NO Training in dealing with individuals with Autism & NO idea how people with Autism present & often mistaken the Autistic persons actions as “lack of compliance” instead of the Autistic persons actual “inability to understand” the situation in which the Police were summoned..

    Mandating Autism Police Training will ensure the Safety of the Autistic individuals, as well as give the Massachusetts Police Officers and Correction Officers the tools & knowledge to protect and Accommodate these Disabled Individuals Rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    The Massachusetts Legislature needs to part of the Growing Body of Law Makers thru out America, Whom are passing laws that will protect People with Autism.

  3. My name is Tamekia,
    I am a parent of a child with server Autism aggression spectrum disorder, and it is extremely difficult not only at home but out in public with him he is only 10 but he looks as if he could pass for a teen. Stranger are afraid when he has a meltdown and always threaten to call the police on my baby boy this is a terrible disorder that unfortunately many kids and teens like my son can not control, and parents that and I that that have adolescences that suffer from this disorder don’t need to feel in-prisoned but need support please please pass this bill.

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