Workforce Initiative: David And Alicia Both Deserve Better. You Can Help.

David enjoys a full life in the community. He goes to the gym in the morning, goes shopping or to the library in the afternoon when he’s not working at his local supermarket, has dinner with his friends a couple of times a week, and sees the latest movies almost every weekend.

His parents, Janice and Edward, never could have imagined this life for him when he was born 27 years ago, and they were told to keep their expectations low.

But Janice and Edward knew better. They raised their expectations as high as they could, and now, David has the life we all deserve.

None of it would have been possible without Alicia, his Direct Support Professional (DSP) for the last four years. But Alicia makes even less money than her teenage sister who works at McDonald’s. And Alicia has hefty student loans to repay.

The DSP workforce deserves better. With your support, we can make that a reality.

Join us in our fight to ensure better lives and better pay for Direct Support Professionals. Make a gift today toward our Workforce Initiative.

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