Personal Advocacy and Lifetime Support

Personal support networks for individuals with disabilities

Adults with disabilities often lead lonely isolated lives, with little connection to the communities in which they live. Aging parents are concerned with what will happen to their son or daughter when they are no longer able to attend to his/her needs. PALS, Inc. is a service that recognizes and addresses the long term implications of isolation and vulnerability by establishing personal support networks, composed of caring individuals who want to be in relationships with a person with special needs. Often members of personal support networks adopt specific roles: as advocates, as financial or medical advisors, and as friends sharing a common interest. Such networks last for a lifetime, helping the person with a disability realize his/her dreams and goals.

Who are the Networks?

Families of individuals often come to PALS with a list of people who have known their sons and daughters in many different ways. They may be a family member or family friend, a teacher or camp counselor, or a current or past coworker. They may also be a person with a disability or a person without a disability who has chosen to get to know the individual through a group (such as church) or shared experiences.

Role of the PALS Facilitator

The Facilitator is paid to keep a network of friends in touch with the individual and with one another if necessary. The facilitator is a neutral, skilled person who gets to know the individual and his/her likes and dislikes, gains the person’s trust and can support the friends who have been identified. It is the role of the Facilitator to identify potential new members and follow up on the commitments of existing members.

PALS Process

For more information on developing a PALS network and fees contact:
Kerry Mahoney, Director

Phone: 781.891.6270 ext.109
Fax: 781.891.6271

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