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SUPPORTbrokers mission is to assist persons with disabilities to achieve their vision. We accomplish this through planning, education and advocacy.

SUPPORTbrokers of The Arc of Massachusetts are ready to assist you! Consumers or families hire a support broker to help them find appropriate services and supports to thrive in their community. Brokers can help consumers find transportation, a place to live, someone to help them with daily living skills, a job counselor, and other linkages within the community. Brokers can also facilitate and create a person-centered plan and help consumers apply for Social Security or health insurance, among other benefits.


SUPPORTbrokers provides services based upon each individual’s needs and desires. There are 4 major service areas:


Our support brokers, independent of the Massachusetts system of state agencies, spend time with consumers to learn about their needs and goals.  Even though support brokers have experience working with a range of state agency services, they are primarily responsible to the consumer/family.  Brokers develop plans, which are based largely on the consumer’s input – his/her dreams, goals and support needs.  After a plan is in place, brokers help consumers find those supports and put them in place.  Support brokers know how to navigate the system and community to secure help and assistance as available.

  • The program manager of SUPPORTbrokers assesses each inquiry and determines which core services to offer.
  • After review of available support brokers, a match is made based on the skills, education and experience needed.
  • For example, a family requesting help with Turning 22 transition planning is matched with a support broker experienced in developing Transition Life Plans and knowledgeable about IDEA, adult funding sources and community programs for adults in their local area.


All support brokers are independent contractors who have been certified by The Arc. Certification involves a review of education, experience and references, as well as a criminal record check. Additionally each support broker must complete initial and on-going training and follow a strict Code of Ethics. Individuals and families are asked to complete an evaluation at the conclusions of services.


Who are the brokers? Support brokers have years of experience in helping individuals thrive in the community. Each brings a unique perspective and different skills, but all are well versed in community living options and in different state benefits and services. Each has at least fifteen years of experience in advising families. Most have done extensive work in at least one person centered planning method. Although not required, advanced degrees have been achieved by the current group of SUPPORTbrokers.


Kerry Mahoney, Director SUPPORTbrokers
217 South Street | Waltham, MA 02453
Phone: 781.891.6270 x 6109
Fax: 781.891.6271

SUPPORTbrokers is a statewide, fee-for-service consulting group program hosted by The Arc of Massachusetts.

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