Recommend Priorities for Becker Trust Grants for Innovation

We are looking for your input regarding nearly $1 million in grants from the Becker Family Trust. Last April, in conjunction with the Becker Center for Advocacy, trustees announced Innovation/Direct Impact grants to be distributed over two to three years. Our site here focuses on the Center’s advocacy and the trustees’ grants program.

The timeline has been changed for the grants program for two reasons. First, we want to avoid confusion with The Arc Tank, which will take place in November (proposals are due by September 29th). Second, the trustees also decided to release up to $1 million in potential grants in this fiscal year instead of over several years. This requires more thought and planning.

We felt participation from our constituency would be helpful. Today we have released a two-question survey here on priorities for the Innovation/Direct Impact grants. The survey closes on September 18th.  We expect grant guidelines will be released on November 1, if not earlier, with applications due in December. 

The Becker Family.

For updates on the Becker Grants program, please stay tuned to Notes from The Arc and our website.   

We are thankful to the Becker family for this opportunity to advance supports in our Commonwealth.




Leo Sarkissian

Executive Director


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    I suggest establishing an organization or support an existing an organization to provide reasonably priced oversight and advocacy for individuals with complicated needs once parents are dead or not available to supervise their needs and services.

    Provide an advocate to attend ISP meetings, to learn parents’ wishes for their loved ones and carry out as much as possible. The advocate would meet monthly with day and residential programs, more frequently if needed, and ensure that DPPC and DDS are notified about injuries or abuse and that appropriate investigations occur, to determine best way to meet individual needs, provide outings occasionally, celebrate birthdays, act to ensure best interests and quality of life of the individuals. Parents can fund through trusts but may need subsidizing through the Becker Foundation. There are a few groups who do a minimal amount of oversight but looking to establish a more individualized, more frequent and personalize relationship with individuals.

    Looking to establish a replacement for the parents’ advocacy, to the extent possible, and believe that the Beckers would be a proponent of this service.

    Till and the MARC Trust group have expressed interest in this service

  2. I’d suggest putting the money into increasing supports such as job coaches and co-workers for people to participate in work and recreation in inclusiove community settings and be able to earn an income and have a meaningful life.

  3. I think this is a good idea. Would be very helpful.

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