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Recreational activities are a wonderful way for people with and without disabilities to meet, interact and–with a little luck and effort–establish friendships. The following list is designed to give you a glimpse of the wide variety of activities that people can do together. These resources do not necessarily purposefully bring people with and without disabilities together, but with a little ingenuity it’s not too difficult to envision how it can be done. A given activity may not be available near where you live, either, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out local people who share that interest and–using the resource as both inspiration and a guide–make something happen in your area. Have fun!

People with disabilities have connected successfully with people without disabilities in countless activities. Your local chapters of The Arc, DDS-funded Family Support Centers and DDS-funded Autism Support Centers can help you find local activities. You may also have luck calling the Massachusetts Statewide Information and Referral Line at 211.

Below is a partial list of activities you can check out. Please click on each resource link below for more information.

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